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Mitchell Police identify shooting suspect

Police say 23 year old Eric Rumbolz of Mitchell was arrested for the following offenses:  Grand Theft of vehicle valued More than $1,000 but less than or Equal to $2,500, Failure to Stop After Accident and Give Notice to Property Owner, Intentional Damage to Property valued at more than $ 400 but Less than $1,000,  Aggravated Assault Domestic, Discharge of a Firearm From a Motor Vehicle In a Municipality,  Possession of a Firearm by Person with Felony Drug Conviction, and Simple Assault Domestic.

In the early morning hours of Sunday, November 4th, Rumbolz and an adult female were apparently driving separate vehicles in Mitchell, near M & H Convenience Store, when Rumbolz allegedly, intentionally drove the front of his car into the back of the female’s car, causing damage to both vehicles.   Rumbolz then entered the female’s car and struck the female in the face, causing injuries to the female.   Rumbolz then drove away in his vehicle, and then apparently struck, a small flatbed trailer that was parked curbside in the 400 block of N. Isadore St.  Rumbolz then supposedly left the accident scene without notifying the trailer owner.    Rumbolz then, apparently stole a pickup truck that was parked by an alleyway in the 800 block of W. 4th Avenue, and drove past the female who he had assaulted earlier.   The female was sitting in her car when Rumbolz allegedly shot several rounds from a handgun at the female.  The shooting incident was reported to have occurred near the intersection of 4th Avenue and Iowa St. in Mitchell.   Rumbolz is prohibited from possessing a firearm due to a past felony conviction.  At the time of his arrest, Rumbolz was a Parolee with The South Dakota Department of Corrections.

It appears that nobody was struck by any of the rounds fired from the handgun, and that no property was damaged by the rounds.  The handgun that was used in this incident has not been recovered. It’s described as a black semi-automatic handgun. This is an ongoing investigation.  If you have information, contact The Mitchell Police Division or Mitchell Area Crime Stoppers at ph. 605 996-1700.

Grand Theft of a vehicle valued more than $1,000 but Equals than $2,500, Discharge of a Firearm From a Motor Vehicle in a Municipality, and Possession of a Firearm by Person with a Drug Conviction are each Class 6 Felonies, with each charge punishable by 2 years imprisonment in the state penitentiary and/or a fine of $4,000.  Simple Assault, Failure to Stop after Accident and Give Information to Property  Owner and  Intentional Damage to Property Valued at More than $ 400 but Less than $1,000 are  Class 1 Misdemeanors, each  punishable by  one year imprisonment in a County Jail and or a   $2,000 fine.  Aggravated Assault is a Class 3 Felony, punishable by 15 years imprisonment in the state penitentiary and/or a fine of $30,000.