Eat the world, again: Netflix serves up a new season of ‘Somebody Feed Phil’


Get out your passport – it’s time to travel and eat again with Phil Rosenthal. A new season of his show Somebody Feed Phil drops Friday on Netflix, and this season Rosenthal journeys to Mumbai, Kyoto, Iceland, Dubai, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Taipei and Scotland.

The Everybody Loves Raymond creator tells ABC Audio that one of his best bites this season comes in Kyoto, where he asked world famous chef Rene Redzepi, owner of the restaurant Noma, to take him to his favorite spot.

“He took us to a gorgeous, tiny soba noodle place where the chef is also a farmer,” Rosenthal recalls. 

“So he grows the wheat, makes it into soba noodles and flour himself. And that’s all he does. He’s a soba machine,” he jokes. 

Another memorable bite came in Dubai, at a small Palestinian-owned place that brought Phil to tears, literally. 

“First of all, flavor bomb. Absolutely delicious. Crazy delicious,” he raves. 

“But then I can’t even explain it other than magic, that you’re transported. Like it was almost like time travel,” Rosenthal continues.

He adds, “Is it the story? Is it that I’m Jewish and she’s Palestinian and meant more to me then? This was before all the trouble, we filmed this. But we bonded in a beautiful way. Talk about connecting over food.”

Rosenthal says he loves nothing more than when people visit the places he’s been to on his show. “Nothing makes me feel better,” he admits. “People DM me all the time on Instagram with pictures of them eating in the places that we filmed, and happy. And I mean, I couldn’t be happier when I see that.” 

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