“You’ve made me feel so happy to be alive”: ‘Bridgerton’ star Ruby Barker thankful after “mental health struggles”

Netflix/Liam Daniel

Ruby Barker, who plays Marina Thompson on Netflix’s hit period drama Bridgerton, is now in a better place, following recent treatment in a hospital for unspecified “mental health struggles.”

Barker took to Instagram in a video recorded while she was soaking in a hot tub to update her followers, thanking her family, friends, and doctors for their support. “You’ve made me feel so happy to be alive,” she said, “and I’m so grateful for that.”

She commented, “it really made me feel less alone,” and hoped “shining a light” on her own troubles can help others. “I can’t wait for the future,” Barker smiled. “I’m doing OK for myself.”

She added, “If I have any advice for my younger self, I would just tell myself, it’s not all doom and gloom, even if you hit rock bottom.”

Barker added some advice from her Bridgerton co-star Claudia Jessie. “She told me to flip the coin…’It might be dull on one side, but just flip the coin, and you’ll find it shiny on the other.'”

“Find the funny, find the light,” she continued. “Anyone who is in a dark place right now…I see you. I feel you. Find the funny and flip that coin.”

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