Abortion-rights activists sell bumper stickers to capitalize on Noem dog controversy

Abortion-rights activists sell “Where’s Cricket?” bumper stickers during the Sioux Falls Pride Parade on June 8, 2024. (John Hult/South Dakota Searchlight)

Joshua Haiar/South Dakota Searchlight

Abortion-rights activists are capitalizing on the backlash against South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s dog-killing revelation in her new book.

In “No Going Back,” Noem disclosed that she shot and killed her 14-month-old dog Cricket in a gravel pit after the dog attacked chickens and performed poorly during a pheasant hunt. The admission has sparked widespread criticism from across the political spectrum.

Supporters of an abortion-rights ballot question in South Dakota have since begun selling bumper stickers with a drawing of a dog’s head and the question, “Where’s Cricket?”

Proceeds from the sales go to Dakotans for Health. That’s the ballot question committee supporting the Nov. 5 ballot measure that would insert abortion rights into the state constitution.

Adam Weiland, of Dakotans for Health, said the bumper stickers are “definitely popular” — about 450 people have made the two-for-$8 purchase.

“It’s for a good cause,” he said. “Where’s Cricket? Where’s the freedom the women of South Dakota once had to make their own choices?”

From January through May 20, Dakotans for Health reported taking in about $39,000 in donations, after reporting $185,000 in contributions during 2023.

South Dakota’s abortion ban went into effect immediately after Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022. The ban permits abortions only to save “the life of the pregnant female.”

Noem’s spokesperson, Ian Fury, did not immediately reply to a request for comment. The Republican governor supports the state’s abortion ban.