Watertown School District Announces Closure of Roosevelt Elementary School: Transition Plan and Future Steps

The Watertown School District has communicated the impending closure of Roosevelt Elementary School by the end of the 2023-24 school year.

The decision, made during the November 13, 2023 School Board Meeting, is part of a proactive effort to enhance educational opportunities for all students.

The FAQ section on the district website addresses concerns about class sizes, counseling and therapy services, and provides information on how parents can make recommendations to the School Board.

Parents were informed through meetings, with the closure decision aligning with state statute requirements.

The district is evaluating the transition plan for students and staff to another elementary school, expanding the in-town bus transportation system, and plans to present a recommendation in spring 2024.

Additionally, the district is working on a new elementary education option, with a committee addressing various factors to ensure a balanced and comprehensive approach.

Further information will be provided after the School Board approves the new plan.