A fifth COVID-19 case in Davison County is a Mitchell city employee

It looks like the fifth person from Davison County infected with the COVID-19 virus is a city employee.

Mayor Bob Everson says the person became ill over the weekend, was tested for COVID-19 and notified Tuesday afternoon. “We’ve put that employee obviously on leave for fourteen days… we’ve contacted that department where that person worked and said anyone who had contact with him needs to work from home if they can,” said Everson. “If they are an essential employee, they need to wear a mask and be screened as well as pay attention to their health as they come to work.”

Everson says the fourth person infected reported Tuesday by the health department is not a city worker. “The number-four which showed up yesterday (Tuesday) would have been confirmed by 5 pm Monday,” Everson said. “This one was not confirmed till yesterday(Tuesday) so there will be a fifth in Davison County.”

He’s urging everyone to continue practicing social distancing, wash your hands often and practice personal hygiene.