Corn Palace mural work slows as the Mayor looks for more help

It’s slow going for the 2019 Corn Palace murals. Mayor Bob Everson says most of the student labor has gone back to school and the recent rodeo event required the attention of the staff that’s usually putting up the colored corn. Plus, a possible deal with a local school fell through.

Front view of murals in progress

The theme for 2019 is “A Salute to the Military” and right now the Mayor is calling for reinforcements. “We are looking for part-time people that we will hire, and I think it pays about eleven bucks an hour,” Said Everson. “So if you know anybody that’s interested in a part-time job for a few hours a day, we’re looking for them.”

Partially completed Iwo Jima mural

There’s a deadline looming as a mural dedication ceremony is set for Friday October 26th. Special invited guests include crew members from the USS South Dakota attack submarine, representatives of the USS South Dakota Battleship Memorial, plus the Adjutant General of the south Dakota National Guard as well as members and veterans from all branches of the military.

Empty panel waiting for Battleship USS South Dakota pattern.

If you’re interested in becoming a part-time, paid Corn Palace decorator, contact Corn Palace Director Scott Schmidt or Mayor Bob Everson at City Hall.