Deputy Sheriff from Minnesota honored for his actions in South Dakota

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association says Anoka County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Tanner Shipman has been awarded the 2024 “Officer of the Year” for his heroic off-duty actions in South Dakota.

Deputy Tanner Shipman recognized for action taken in South Dakota.

Shipman was on vacation in Sturgis in August of 2023 when he noticed a male suspect engaged in an incident with a South Dakota State trooper.  Nearby, the suspect was pointing and shooting a firearm at the trooper, which caused Deputy Shipman to promptly retrieve a firearm belonging to a family member with his group and assist the trooper who was on the ground.  After identifying himself as law enforcement to the trooper, Shipman and the trooper saw the suspect attempt to get into the trooper’s squad vehicle and a shootout continued.  The suspect was ultimately taken into custody and Shipman assisted with medical care until further responders arrived.  The suspect survived his injuries and later pled guilty to shooting at the trooper.

Shipman is an 18 year veteran of the Anoka County Minnesota Sheriff’s Office. He’ll receive his award Saturday.