Everyone Owes Lamar Jackson an Apology

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Lamar Jackson Has No Agent And It’s Killing His Career

Why Lamar Jackson not having an agent gives teams reason to stay away

Will Lamar Jackson hire an agent now?

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens agreed to five-year, $260 million extension on Thursday, right before the NFL Draft. The deal will pay the quarterback $52 million a year, the most ever in a single season. It seems like Lamar Jackson is pretty smart after all.

All of those headlines over the past two months called Jackson dumb, an idiot and clueless. He didn’t hire an agent to negotiate a new contract. The Ravens were not budging to trade demands or Jackson wanting a fully guaranteed contract like Cleveland QB Deshaun Watson.

Instead, all Jackson did was get the most money per year in football history, the second largest total value of a contract in history next to Patrick Mahomes, and guaranteed himself $185 million.

Everyone needs to apologize to Lamar Jackson.

I haven’t heard or read one column saying, “We were wrong. He didn’t need an agent. He got one of the biggest contract in football history.”

It’s a shame, because the sports media is full of hot takes, but little, if any accountability.

If Jackson had hired an agent to negotiation for him, maybe the deal gets done sooner. Maybe the situation doesn’t get as messy as it did. Maybe Jackson doesn’t ask for a trade. In the end though, none of it mattered. Jackson got the contract that he wanted as the highest paid player in football.

What more could an agent have done? Besides take the three percent commission, which comes close to $8 million over the course of the deal.