Mitchell City Council places emergency COVID-19 related ordinance on first-reading

The Mitchell City Council unanimously placed an ordinance addressing the COVID-19 virus outbreak on first reading during a special meeting at the Corn Palace Tuesday night. The goal is to contain the spread to manageable levels.

Two community members offered opposing opinions. Bar owner Jason Bates told the council he believes the ordinance is unfair to businesses like his and offered an idea. “Wouldn’t it be smarter to stop letting people in and out of our town, and let our town continue to support ourselves,” said Bates. “Stop letting people bring it in or out for a period of time.” He says an extended closure would put him and others out of business.

Physician Dr. Elizabeth Campbell acknowledged it’s a tough situation but trying to come up with a financial solution to solve a medical problem won’t work. “I know you all have seen the ‘flatten the curve’ and all of those things,” Campbell said. “I don’t want to be put in the position of having to decide who gets care and who doesn’t.”  She added that’s not a question she or any other physician would ever want to get in the position of doing.

The council could consider second reading and adoption next Tuesday.

So far Davison County has two positive COVID-19 tests.