Mitchell School Board to consider a recommendation to ease the current mask mandate

Board review of the “Return to School Protocols” is on Monday’s Mitchell School Board meeting agenda.

Superintendent Joe Graves is recommending a return to “mask recommended rather than required.” He conferred with Avera Health in formulating the recommendation. “Basically what they were saying was, ’our numbers are still out there, we’re expecting decline but they haven’t arrived quite yet’”, said Graves. “But they also acknowledged the effect of the mask mandate was waning, people were tired of it.”

Graves added the community was no longer supporting a mask mandate, “and I don’t mean that from the public commentary, I mean that from people anywhere else in town.”

The board will have the final say whether it will follow Graves recommendations. If approved the recommendation would become effective immediately.

The meeting starts Monday at 5 pm at the MC-TEA commons area and is open to the community.