Mitchell School District is making changes to its breakfast and lunch program

Superintendent Joe Graves says the Mitchell School District is altering it’s grab and go breakfast and lunch program starting immediately. “You know how little kids are, you give them an option of three things it takes them a couple of minutes to figure out what it is they want,” said Graves. “What that’s causing is congregations at the door-ways and people being exposed to one another.” He says the district wants to reduce that so it’s reducing the selection to make the process quicker.

Serving times at all building remain the same.

Starting Wednesday the district will use a school bus and driver for delivery of meals in areas in town where it’s believed numbers of children are in need and not accessing the meals system. “We don’t have a schedule of where and when yet,” Graves said. “They won’t be delivering to houses, it will be like spots.” The bus will arrive at a scheduled time and the youngsters can pick up the meals.

Graves says on Fridays the district is offering 3 meals: Friday/Saturday/Sunday—for children to take with them so weekend nutrition is better covered.