Quit Showing Taylor Swift During the Football Game

Travis Kriens, KORNRadio.com

This has nothing to do with Taylor Swift.

This is not an anti-Taylor Swift story.

I am tired of the broadcast of Kansas City Chiefs games showing Taylor Swift.

It’s annoying in the way that the same commercials play during every break. It has nothing to do with the commercial or people in it. You just get bored and annoyed.

There was a Capital One commercial with John Travolta as Santa. I saw it for the first time, then saw it in every commercial break for the next hour. I was tired of seeing it and annoyed. It had nothing to do with John Travolta. This is the same thing.

This is not an anti-woman post.

If Iowa basketball star Caitlin Clark had a famous boyfriend at every game, it would get old if they continued to show him all the time.

I understand Taylor Swift is a big star.

I understand she is dating Travis Kelce.

You still don’t need to show her during the game.

Tom Brady had a very famous wife in Gisele Bündchen. She was rarely shown during games, if at all.

Russell Wilson has a famous wife in singer Ciara and she is never shown during the game.

Green Bay safety Jonathan Owens is dating one of the greatest gymnast ever in Simone Biles. They never show Simone during the game.

Houston pitcher Justin Verlander is married to Kate Upton. They never to rarely show Kate during a Verlander start.

Why is Taylor Swift different? At one point does it become overkill?

If Chiefs RB Isiah Pacheco scores a touchdown, I don’t need the camera to then show Taylor and her reaction.

It is not newsworthy anymore. I blame the producers and directors of the broadcast. She is at every game, so it’s not new.

At a Los Angeles Lakers or New York Knicks game, the broadcast will show the celebrities in attendance and that’s it. They don’t continue to show Adam Sandler’s reaction to everything LeBron James does.

There are tens of millions of Taylor Swift fans and probably just as many tired of seeing her during the game.

Again, this has nothing to do with Taylor Swift. It’s not her fault. She’s not the one putting the camera on herself. It could be anyone. She just happens to be the one being shown too much.