Scam callers impersonating Mitchell Police Officers

The Mitchell Police Department has received several complaints of scam calls in the area today.  The callers are identifying themselves as a member of the Mitchell Police Department.  The caller is telling people they’ve failed to appear in a recent court case and warrants have been issued.  The callers are seeking personal information and as a way to verify who they are, they’re offering to call them back from a recognized phone number for the Police Department. It’s likely they would attempt to “spoof” the Police Departments phone if questioned about the validity of the call. They may request payment in cash, gift card, or providing debit/credit card information. Officers would never request payment of warrants over the phone and gift cards would never be a means of payment.

If you receive a call like this hang up. If you wish to verify if an officer is trying to contact you, please call the police department directly at 605-995-8400.