State Public Health Lab resumes testing for COVID-19 virus

COVID-19 test processing is on again at the state public health lab in Pierre. Governor Kristi Noem says a shipment of reagents arrived today. “There will be testing and processing samples that have come in from across the state”, said Noem. “We do anticipate that we’ll have more positive results from those tests.”

She says another shipment of reagents is also on the way. “For samples that are in the public health lab is prioritize those that are high-risk, which means they may have a health condition and were exposed or they may have been in close contact with someone who did test positive”, Noem said. She said the samples are prioritized from high-risk to moderate to low to make sure they’re addressing public health needs.

South Dakota currently has eleven people who’ve tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Again, the Governor expects that number to climb once the backlog of tests are complete.