Week-long Mitchell School closure off to a quiet start

The halls of Mitchell’s public schools were quiet Monday as a week-long school closure began. Two Middle School food service workers waited patiently at the doors Monday morning ready to serve free breakfasts to go but said few took advantage. They hoped to see more students pick up their lunches.

Down the hall Principal Justin Zajic had plenty to do. “There’s been a lot of phone calls from parents asking to come in and pick up supplies,” said Zajic. “And then a lot of e-mails from teachers and questions about how to get their Google classroom up and running.”

Few Middle School students took advantage of free breakfasts to go Monday morning.

Mitchell schools opted to go to an e-learning mode of teaching during the closure as K-12 students can work at home with tablets.

Zajic said so far they’ve avoided major problems. Fortunately we’ve been planning for a closure here for about four or five weeks,” he continued. “So we kind of expected this and we had a head start on everything, which is good.”

This is the first time Mitchell is using the e-learning program. In-school classes are tentatively scheduled to resume next Tuesday, March 24th.