City of Mitchell issues a reminder regarding snow and ice removal from sidewalks

As the beginning of winter is upon us, the City of Mitchell Code Enforcement would like to remind everyone of the ordinances on snow and ice removal. Everyone should have safe access to our sidewalks during winter. That’s why the City of Mitchell requires that snow and ice be removed from public sidewalks within forty-eight (48) hours after snowfall ceases.

Public sidewalks need to be accessible to everyone year-round. Many in our community rely on sidewalks to get to work, school, errands, appointments and more. Sidewalks that aren’t cleared of snow and ice are difficult and sometimes dangerous to use. They’re especially challenging for people with limited mobility.

Help your elderly neighbors and neighbors with disabilities with snow and ice removal. Clear snow build-up at corners and around fire hydrants. When you go out of town, arrange for moving your vehicles during snowfalls and shoveling your public walk.

If you own rental property, please take appropriate measures to ensure snow and ice are being cleared from the public sidewalk by assigning a resident manager or retaining a snow removal contractor. If you are a tenant, please check with the property owner to assure proper snow removal arrangements have been made.

If snow and ice are not removed as provided from public sidewalks, it may be removed by authorized contractors and the costs for removal, along with an administration fee, assessed to the property owner.

If you have questions concerning the snow and ice removal ordinances below, contact Code Enforcement at 605-995-8400.


The occupant or owner of any premises in the City shall remove all snow and ice from the entire width of all adjacent public sidewalks within forty eight (48) hours after the fall of snow or the formation of ice on such sidewalk. Adjacent sidewalk shall include all sidewalk located in public right-of-way and between the property line and the nearest roadway. Adjacent sidewalk shall also include all sidewalk located on private property but within a sidewalk easement. No occupant or owner may be relieved of this duty except by application of section 8-1-7-2 of this section 8-1-7. (Ord. O2018-08, 9-17-2018)



If the owner or occupant of any premises shall fail, neglect, or refuse to comply with section 8-1-7-1 of this section 8-1-7, it shall be the duty of the Director of Public Works to remove or cause the removal of such snow or ice. Such owner or occupant shall be responsible for all costs of removal in addition to any fines that may apply. The City may contract with private persons to accomplish the removal of snow or ice as is required by this section. (Ord. O2018-08, 9-17-2018)