James River bridge to be dedicated to two Parkston soldiers who died in Iraq

The South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs is hosting a State Bridge Dedication Ceremony to honor Combat Veterans SSG Jason W. Montefering and SGT Jeremiah J. Boehmer.

The ceremony will be held Wednesday, November 11, 2020, at 9:00 am  at the Parkston High School Auditorium.

The James River Bridge on HWY 44 will be dedicated to SSG Jason W. Montefering and SGT Jeremiah J. Boehmer, both of Parkston.  SSG Montefering died in 2005 in Iraq from blast injuries. SGT Jeremiah Boehmer died in Iraq in 2006 of blast and shrapnel injuries.

Naming bridges in honor of our combat veterans who died while serving their country is a new initiative of Governor Kristi Noem and the South Dakota Departments of Military, Transportation, and Veterans Affairs.

“Whenever and wherever this nation has called, in times of darkness and danger, as well as in times of peace and prosperity, veterans have been there and have proudly carried the torch of liberty for all to see.” said Greg Whitlock, secretary of the South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs.

“Our fallen heroes are no longer with us, but their memories live on in the hearts of their loved ones and our state,” said Whitlock. “Naming our South Dakota bridges in honor of our fallen will give us an opportunity of remembrance, reflection, and respect—for honoring the men and women who gave their lives in service to this nation. They cherished liberty and loved freedom enough to lay down their lives to preserve our way of life.”