MADC and Mitchell Chamber of Commerce gather best practices in dealing with COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, The Mitchell Chamber and Development Corporation held a series of conference calls with various business sectors to obtain best practice ideas that are being implemented with the Mitchell Business Community.

  • Screen employees as they enter work.

o       taking temperatures.

o       Questionnaires relating to the employees’ health and travel

       Tracking daily temps and questionnaire results

o       Screening only takes approximately 20 seconds and is low risk.

o       Anyone with a temp is sent them home.

  • Set-up cleaning stations so employees have cleaning supplies to clean their work areas and common areas.

o       Clean all touch point surfaces throughout the building.  This includes door handles, keyboards, phones, vending machines, copier, coffee maker……anything that employees touch!  Some businesses are paying for extra cleaning over night while employees are not at work.

  • Allow employees to work from home that have duties that allow them to work from home.
  • Offer flexible work schedules, for employees with kids or that are not feeling well or have a fear of getting sick.
  • Suspend non-essential travel. Follow CDC or business policy as they relate to quarantine measures.
  • Using a drop box for clients/employees to drop off supplies. Wait a specific time before handling dropped off items.
  • Deliveries to designated area only. Have delivery drivers remain in truck and staff retrieve items.
  • If able, offer employees additional paid time off if they are quarantined or ill.
  • Have one key employee (HR) monitor daily information from the CDC, state offices, etc.
  • If you have staff that go out and make service calls have them call ahead to make sure that no one at the service address is ill or has been exposed.
  • If you have more than one location have staff stay at one designated location to limit cross contaminating of employees.


  • Our banks in the area are open.

o       Staffing may vary as may lobby being open but drive-thru will continue to serve customers.

o       Banks in South Dakota will not Fail.

  • Allow less than 10 employees at a time in breakroom.

o       Break room needs to be cleaned after each use.

  • If you run multiple shifts leave time between each shift to clean, clean, clean.
  • Implement a “locked door” policy and allow no outside visitors/vendors.
  • if available, offer financing online.
  • Make pre-arranged service meetings.
  • Use Facetime, or a similar program to review customer repairs and invoices.
  • Keep contact with your customers base!
  • If you do have customers frequenting your business have a buffer zone of at least 6 feet between you and your customer.
  • Offer curbside drop off and pickup if order is called in ahead of time.
  • Keep using social media or start using social media.
  • If not already, start using internet as a sales tool.


Visit our website,, for business resources relating to COVID-19:

Please reach out to us at 605.996.5567 or if you have questions or are looking for additional information.