Mitchell School District serves thousands of meals in a week

It’s been a busy week for the Mitchell School District’s food service team. Superintendent Joe Graves says between five days of “grab and go” at each school and three days of school bus-delivered meals at five neighborhood locations, the district served 12,497 meals. “I knew we were going to be okay and I knew we were going to be high in demand, because frankly our food service does a great job with their meals,” said Graves. “I was surprised when it went over 10,000 meals and for it to hit 12,500 is amazing.”

He’s expecting an even higher count next week.

The Kernel Food service serves grab and go breakfast from 8-10:30 am and lunch from 11am-1pm at each school building Monday through Friday. On Fridays students may pick up multiple meals for the weekend.  Meals may also be picked up from yellow school buses at the neighborhood drop-off sites weekdays from 10am to 12:30 pm.