Mayor Everson rescinds Emergency Ordinance as businesses cleared to reopen

On the heels of Governor Kristi Noem’s announcement regarding her South Dakota Back To Normal Plan, Mitchell Mayor Bob Everson has rescinded the Emergency Ordinance and businesses are free to open up. “The on thing we want to stress though, is she (Noem) still recommends you follow the CDC hygiene guidelines, you do social distancing and follow sanitation guidelines,” said Everson. “Don’t just take it to “hey, everything is off and we can go back to normal”, we still have to have some concerns over what’s going on around us.”

Everson says the city plans to wait before re-opening its public facilities. “The city facilities will remain closed for the immediate future,” the Mayor said. “But we will start to open them up likely as early as next week and we will do it in a gradual manner.”

The Governor’s South Dakota Back To Normal Plan is available for viewing at