Mitchell Police warn of scams

Recently the Mitchell Police Department has been receiving information reference different types of financial frauds and scams targeting Mitchell area residence.  These scams are usually conducted over the telephone or online using the internet.  Common among all the scams is an urgent need for money to be transferred from the victim to the suspect.  The suspects will usually ask the victim to mail cash or buy gift cards.  Recently we have seen bitcoin being requested by scammers as a means of payment.  Remember if anyone contacts you and asks you for money with promises to repay or for emergency reasons you should immediately become skeptical that it is an attempted scam.  Please, take your time to verify the identity of the person who contacted you by ending communication with the suspect and contacting a known family member or the Mitchell Police Department to verify the identity and validity of the situation before send any money.  Scam artists are very convincing and will attempt to keep you on the phone while they manipulate you into sending funds.  Please remain vigilant and don’t fall victim to these criminals.  For further information about specific and current scams being perpetrated by criminals please see the following links: