Mitchell School District COVID-19 Update

COVID Report by Building: Data as of 12.2.2020.


Active Cases:      1

Total Confirmed Cases: 7

Recovered Count Case: 6

Gertie Belle Rogers:

Active Cases:      2

Total Confirmed Cases: 7

Recovered Count Case: 5

L.B. Williams:

Active Cases:      0

Total Confirmed Cases: 22

Recovered Count Case: 22

Mitchell Middle School:

Active Cases:      4

Total Confirmed Cases: 48

Recovered Count Case: 44

Mitchell High School:

Active Cases:  13

Total Confirmed Cases: 82

Recovered Count Case: 69

At this time, the number of active cases in our schools has definitely fallen and the number of children physically present in school has risen.  Hopefully, these trends will continue in the coming weeks.

The final day of school before Christmas break is Tuesday, December 22.


Joseph Graves, Superintendent of Schools