Mitchell School District Weekly COVID-19 Update

Dear Mitchell School District Parent,


COVID-19 Report by Building: Data as of 10.2.2020.

Three different categories of affected students/employees will be reported:

  • Active Case Count (Those with active cases of COVID-19.)
  • Total Confirmed Case Count (Both active and recovered cases.)
  • Recovered Case Count (Those who have now recovered from a case of COVID-19.)


Active Cases:      1

Total Confirmed Cases: 1

Recovered Count Case: 0

Gertie Belle Rogers:

Active Cases:      0

Total Confirmed Cases: 1

Recovered Count Case: 1

L.B. Williams:

Active Cases:      0

Total Confirmed Cases: 2

Recovered Count Case: 2

Mitchell Middle School:

Active Cases:      2

Total Confirmed Cases: 3

Recovered Count Case: 1

Mitchell High School:

Active Cases:      2

Total Confirmed Cases: 6

Recovered Count Case: 4


If your child’s classroom or program is affected by any DOH-identified cases, a separate notice will be sent to you as soon as we are aware of it.  This will be in addition to—and usually earlier than– this weekly report.

Beyond the active cases, some other students have been quarantined from school, and placed on eLearning, as ‘close contacts.’  Close contacts refer to students sufficiently physically close to active cases during their infectious period, usually within the family but potentially elsewhere, including school. In addition to these, other students have been removed from the school setting by their parents due to possible exposures from family members, neighbors, etc. as identified by their parents.  Most of these others, so far, have tested negative in the end. Nevertheless, though our school numbers remain low, the SD DOH has identified our country as experiencing ‘substantial’ community spread.

Free Flu Vaccine Clinic: Our community will host a free flu vaccination clinic on Tuesday, October 13 from 3-7 p.m. at the Corn Palace.  All children, 6-months through 18 years of age and college age adults are eligible.  Getting your flu shot is especially important this year, given the continuing COVID-19 situation.

Food Service: Mitchell-enrolled Students on eLearning may pick up school meals (breakfast and lunch) at the Mitchell Middle School cafeteria window from 9-10 on all school days. Until further notice, all Mitchell-enrolled students are being provided meals at no cost through federal/state funding.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Joseph Graves, Superintendent of Schools