Mitchell School District Weekly Update-September 11th

September 11, 2020

Dear Mitchell School District Parent,

The main point of this update going forward will be to report to you any COVID-19 cases that are relevant to our schools.  Three different categories of affected students/employees will be reported:

  • Active Case Count (Those with an active case of COVID-19.)
  • Total Confirmed Case Count (Both active and recovered cases.)
  • Recovered Case Count (Those who have now recovered from a case of COVID-19.)


  1. I will be reporting cases only in aggregate. I must respect privacy rights and do so happily.
  2. If your child’s classroom or program is affected by any DOH-identified cases, a separate notice will be sent to you as soon as we are aware of it. This will be in addition to—and usually earlier than– this weekly report.
  3. The format of this weekly report may continue to change over time as situations progress.
  4. Finally, because we will sometimes have data that is more recent data for our local area than that included from the DOH reports, I will sometime also include data from recent developments.


COVID-19 Report by Building: Data as of September 11th

                                                                                                                Total Confirmed               Recovered

Active Cases       Case Count                         Case Count

Longfellow Elementary School:                                  0                              0                                              0

Gertie Belle Rogers Elementary School:                  1                              1                                              0

L.B. Williams Elementary School:                               0                              1                                              1

Mitchell Middle School:                                                 0                              0                                              0

Mitchell High School:                                                      0                              1                                              1


In addition to these, various other students have been removed from the school setting by their parents due to possible exposures from family members, neighbors, etc. as  identified by their parents.  All of these others, so far, have tested negative in the end.

Food Service: Since we now have students on eLearning, attending class from home through their school computer, we will be making school breakfast and lunch available to these students as well as those who are physically present in school. K-12 Students or their parents may pick-up these ‘grab-and-go’ meals at Mitchell Middle School through the cafeteria windows. To pick up a meal, you will need to be able to provide the student name and, if possible, their lunch ID number.  Meals will be provided at regular price, reduced price, or at no cost, depending on the student’s eligibility. Only Mitchell School District-enrolled students are eligible for meals.  Meal service for eLearning students will begin on Monday, September 14 and will continue until further notice. Meals, breakfast and lunch, may be picked up on school days from 9-10 a.m. only.

Finally, just a reminder: no perfect and good attendance recognitions will be made this year in order to encourage people to stay at home when they are feeling ill.  Such recognitions will be reinstated in future school years.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Joseph Graves, Superintendent of Schools