Young artists strut their stuff

Give a child a canvas and the possibilities are endless. And the first ever “Art in the Garden” at the Corn Palace Plaza showcased the results. Sheila Slater is with the Friends Foundation for the Mitchell Public Library. “We handed out about 75 free canvasses to young, local artists aged five to fourteen to kind of reflect a little bit about what was going the last two months here with the pandemic,” said Slater. “The theme was “Together Apart.”

She says it was interesting to see what the youngsters created. “A lot of them drew their friends, drew of course, masked men with cell phones, hands reaching our to each other,” Slater explained.

The fifty-five paintings were displayed in the Corn Palace lobby where community members and visitors could view and bid on them.

Slater says all donations are directed to the Friends Foundation for the Mitchell Public Library to help fund future children’s programs.