Central Electric Crews working to restore power

Central Electric line crews have been working since midnight last night to restore power after snow and ice build-up on trees and power lines caused a wave of power outages throughout the area. Approximately 650 members were out of power at one point today, and as of 4:40 p.m. the number of outages had dropped to 191.

Several lines around Mitchell, Mt. Vernon, White Lake, Emery, Letcher, Forestburg, and Artesian are currently affected. It is unknown how long power restoration will take, so please exercise caution and prepare for a possible extended outage. A statewide outage map is available on the SDREA website: https://outages.sdrea.coop/outages/maps

Be aware of the potential for downed power lines. If you encounter a downed power line, please stay away and immediately report it. Downed lines and power outages can be reported by calling 800-477-2892.