Mitchell School Board to consider recommendations for the start of the 2020-2021 school year

The Mitchell School Board will consider adopting a plan to open schools in August. Superintendent Joe Graves says a task force has completed its work and has a recommendation for the board.

“We’ll be going physically to school with students present,” said Graves. “When and if that is disrupted, we will do some e-learning or e-learning for individual children who could not attend.” He says the e-learning would be based on the regular student schedule, meaning they would be expected to attend at the regular time of the regular classroom. Graves says the district will use that alternative if needed.

He says the task force also discussed students wearing masks in school and took feedback from parents. “And it has decided instead to strongly recommend that,” Graves said.

The Board will consider the recommendations at its next meeting on Monday at 5pm at the MC-TEA building commons area. That meeting is open to the community.