Indoor movies set to return to Mitchell

The long intermission from movies at the indoor movie theatres is finally coming to an end. The Luxury 5 Cinemas is preparing to reopen on July 17.

Jeff Logan, President of Logan Luxury Theatres Corporation owners of the theatre, announced the re-opening date today.  He said the company has taken extensive measures to ensure the health and safety of their guests and staff.

The Luxury Five Cinemas will be spraying disinfectant rated for human coronavirus on all contact surfaces, seats, restrooms, etc. between every showing as well as scheduling more time between the shows to allow for a deeper, more thorough cleaning.  In addition to hand sanitizer stations throughout the theatre, they also feature touch-less water faucets, soap and towel dispensers as well as automatic toilet flushers in the restrooms. The men’s restroom has also been remodeled with the addition of an air dryer.

The Luxury 5 Cinemas has adjusted the selling stations to sell both tickets and concessions during the same transaction at the concessions stand to eliminate extra points of contact. Refill programs on the large popcorn and drinks have been discontinued to eliminate cross-contamination.  The annual popcorn bucket program has been modified so bucket owners will receive a new bag of popcorn for each paid refill.

All employees will be wearing masks and any food handlers will also be wearing gloves.  Logan said “We are excited to open our doors again and bring the magic of the movies back to our community.”  The Luxury 5 Cinemas will be showing all time favorite movies as noted in Facebook polls until the studios start releasing new movies again.  The theatre is also offering opening weekend concession specials.  They will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday only for the first few weeks.  The first few weeks of community favorites will be only $5 for all ages.