Severe thunderstorm roars through Mitchell

Heavy rains and high winds roared through Mitchell around six this morning leaving a trail of toppled trees and branches some flooded streets and property damage.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Samantha Garretts was following the storm on radar. “A line of thunderstorms that ended up strengthening just to the west of Mitchell and moving through the area with some enhancement there of the winds”, said Garretts.

Downed branch lands across the street on East Hanson


One resident in the 900 block of East Hanson woke up to a tall pine tree fallen against a tree on the boulevard. A block away a homeowner was picking up slats from a fence damaged by strong winds while his neighbor is dealing with an uprooted tree in his back yard.

Uprooted tree

Other homeowners were out looking over the damage and making clean-up plans.