Governor announces a $200-million dollar COVID-19 relief fund for cities and counties

Governor Kristi Noem announced Monday there’s $200-million dollars available for South Dakota’s cities and counties through the new Local Government COVID Relief Fund.

The City of Mitchell’s allocation is $3,545,000 with Davison County eligible for $1,306,000. The distributions are based on current U.S. Census data.

The Governor says it’s a first-step. “In making sure that these cities and counties have some resources available to them to start getting some reimbursement back on what their costs have been,” said Noem. “And make sure we’re maintaining that infrastructure to take care of people as we go through the coming months.”

Noem warned South Dakota could feel the impact of the COVID-19 virus for up to one to two years. “So as a state that’s what we’re preparing for,” Noem said. “We’re preparing for a years-long impact to our businesses, to our families and to our state budget.”

Meanwhile, Mitchell Mayor Bob Everson is pleased with Governor Kristi Noem’s announcement of $3,545,000 for the city from the new Local Government COVID Relief Fund. “That’s very encouraging to hear that she’s given us that money,” said Everson. “We were hoping she would come out with some relief for the cities, municipalities and the counties.”

Davison County Commission Chairwoman Brenda Bode says the county’s allocation of $1,306,000 is most welcome news. “We were very glad to see that the Governor recognized the expenses of the county had put into this,” Bode said. “And this will help pay the bills.”

Both the county and city have been tracking COVID-19 related expenses in anticipation of reimbursement. The allocations are based on current U.S. Census information.

The Governor announced $200-million dollars in aid Monday for the counites and cities on Monday.

You’ll find more information on the Local Government COVID Relief Fund at