Local agricultural organization says thank you

The Davison-Hanson Farm Bureau said thanks Tuesday to Dispatch, EMS, Fire, Police and Sheriff’s Offices for working to keep communities safe, secure and healthy.

Farm Bureau’s Cindy Foster, Linda Bannwarth and Heather Lenz made the deliveries in Alexandria and Mitchell where there are a total of 132 people serving the respective communities.

Davison-Hanson Farm Bureau’s Cindy Foster (far left) and Linda Bannwarth (far left) present tokens of appreciation to Mitchell Public Safety officials.

Foster says they stuffed and delivered individual envelopes. “We’re presenting them with coupons from a couple of different area businesses…that recognized also how important it is to support our emergency services,” said Foster.

They made similar presentations at the Hanson County Courthouse and Davison County Public Safety building.

Foster says the idea is based on the National Day of Encouragement which is celebrated September 12th. It’s dedicated to uplifting people and making a positive impact.